Invest in Your Greatest Asset, YOUR PEOPLE.

Diversiology.IO adds immeasurable value and affodable pricing

Affordable, Effective, Inclusive

At, we believe in making diversity and inclusion accessible to all. Our pricing structure has been designed with SMB needs in mind, providing the most cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or expertise.

We understand the value of your resources and the importance of maximizing their usage. That’s why we offer one platform, one price, and multiple benefits. With our All Access Subscription or ERG Only Subscription, you gain access to a range of services and tools that will empower your organization to build a high-performing, engaged, and inclusive culture.

Take advantage of our diverse ecosystem of products such as Diversiology Insights℠, Diversity Blackbook℠, Diversity Blueprint℠, and more, check out our services page for more details. Each product is crafted to support you and your team on your journey towards inclusivity.

Remember, at, affordability meets effectiveness. Your investment in our platform will provide unprecedented value for you and your team. Let’s get started on your journey to a more diverse and inclusive future.

So, What’s The Cost?

All Access Subscription

Annual Membership That Fits The Size of Your Business

Starting at $10,000

 Start Up (up to 100 Employees) $10,000
 Scale Up (up to 250 Employees) $15,000
 Small Biz (up to 500 employees) $20,000
 Midsize Biz (up to 750 employees) $25,000
 Medium Biz (up to 1000 employees) $30,000

Get access for you and all employees to the following products in the Diversiology. IO ecosystem


      • Diversiology Insights℠
      • Diversity Blackbook℠
      • Diversity Blueprint℠
      • Diversiology Certification℠
      • Diversity Decoded℠
      • Diversiology Connect℠
      • Diversiology Hub℠
      • Diversiology Voices℠

ERG Only Subscription

Annual Membership for ERG Members

Starting at $7,500

Start Up (up to 100 ERG Members) $7500
Scale Up (up to 250 ERG Members) $11,250
Small Biz (up to 500 ERG Members) $15,000
Midsize Biz (up to 750 ERG Members) $18,750
Medium Biz (up to 1000 ERG Members) $22,500

Support your ERG’s initiatives in a way that helps them amplify not only their voices but their impact.


      • Diversity Blackbook℠
      • Diversity Blueprint℠
      • Diversity Decoded℠
      • Diversiology Connect℠
      • Diversiology Hub℠
      • Diversiology Voices℠

Diversiology Advisor Program

We’re delighted to introduce a unique invitation-only opportunity, our Diversiology Advisor Program. This program allows a select group of SMB leaders to gain pre-launch access to our platform, complete with an array of exclusive benefits.

Priority Support

Receive top-tier, personalized support from our dedicated team, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

Benefit from 12 months of premier sponsorship placement through our social media channels and workshops.

Exclusive Pricing

Enjoy substantial discounts on all of our services as an early adopter.

Advisory Council

Be part of our advisory council and influence our roadmap. 

This Program Is For You If…

  • You’re eager to enhance your engagement and inclusivity aptitude but are constrained by time.
  • You’re seeking a supportive community that offers expert guidance in driving DEI initiatives.
  • You aim to create a more inclusive workplace but lack specialized knowledge or expertise.
  • You’re open to providing timely and constructive feedback to help refine our platform.

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