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We are here to support DEI advocates in building more engaged and inclusive cultures.

The Vision behind Diversiology.IO’s Unique Approach


Our Why

As a former Chief Diversity Officer, I found myself in a constant struggle. I had a mission – to build an inclusive work environment that could foster innovation, drive performance, and resonate with our customers. I dreamed of a comprehensive solution that could effectively address all the DEI needs, from assessments and training to knowledge sharing and engagement strategies.

I wanted to authentically recognize the various dimensions of diversity, to learn from other industry leaders, to engage and train my teams effectively. But the constraints of time and budget posed a formidable challenge. Despite my unwavering commitment, it felt like I was constantly breaking my promise to the organization.

That’s when I realized – if the solution I needed didn’t exist, I would create it. And so, Diversiology.IO was born.

Whether you’re battling time or budget constraints, longing for a supportive community that offers expert guidance in driving DEI initiatives, or looking for practical ways to enhance your engagement and inclusivity aptitude, Diversiology.IO is here for you.

That’s Why We Built Diversiology.IO

To put it simply, Diversiology.IO is the resource I wished I had. And now, I’ve made it available for you. Together, let’s make our workplaces more inclusive and engaged!

Gap, Pivot and Solutions

The Gap:

As a functional leader seeking to create a more inclusive environment, I joined diversity councils and collaborated with consultants to drive positive change. I encountered a gap where the solutions provided by these efforts were not sufficient to address the specific needs and challenges faced by Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and the change being driven when you do DEI “off the side of your desk” is just not enough.

The Pivot:

Recognizing this gap, I made a significant pivot in my career to become a Chief Diversity Officer for a tech SMB.

Another Gap:
As I embarked on my journey as an SMB diversity leader, I encountered the challenge of limited resources and support to effectively drive meaningful change within these organizations

Another Pivot:
Realizing the limitations of existing solutions, I took it upon myself to become part of the solution.

The Solution:

I founded Diversiology.IO to directly address the gaps and provide tailored support for SMBs in their diversity and inclusion efforts to drive more engaged and inclusive cultures.

Our Core Pillars

In my journey as a Chief Diversity Officer, I found traditional consultant model feel short. It seemed skewed towards larger enterprises, leaving small and midsize businesses (SMBs) grappling with unmet needs and high consulting costs. The lack of consultants with SMB experience only compounded the problem. I knew there had to be a better way, one that didn’t involve trading dollars for time with no guarantee of sustainable results.

That’s why Diversiology.IO is built upon three core pillars – Content, Coaching, and Collaboration. These pillars are designed to break away from the old-school consulting model and provide a tailored approach that caters specifically to the unique challenges of SMBs.

At Diversiology.IO, we believe in a better way to drive DEI initiatives to drive engaged and inclusive cultures- a way that understands your needs, respects your budget, and delivers substantial value. Our core pillars stand testament to this belief. 

Diversiology.IO Is Founded On Three Core Pillars


Through our resource briefs, research, playbooks and postings, our aim is to equip you with valuable insights and resources to support your DEI journey.


Through our training, cohorts, workshops and micro-learning hub our goal is to support you and your teams as you navigate the challenges of fostering diversity and inclusion within your organization.


Through our chats, forums, Q&A sessions, experts directory and coaching, our goal is to bring organizations together to share best practices and facilitate meaningful conversations.

What People Are Saying about Working with Our Founder

“Rocki has been a mentor, thought leader & SME for our company Wedge – particularly in the DEIB space. She has personally led and guided many of our DEIB initiatives & continues to be a leader in this space. We are very lucky to have her as a resource and advisor.”

Sean Paulseth
Head of Sales, Humanly.io


“Dynamic, bold, expert, true champion of DEI&B and all-around phenomenal. Rocki is an incredible executive leader. Her mastery and skill in this space is changing the way clients view diversity and recruitment.”

Kathy Clem
Executive Director, Allegis Global Solutions


Rocki is a force of nature who lights up any room she walks in to. She is a gifted speaker on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion because she combines compelling metrics and professional expertise with common sense and personal experiences. Her delivery style is energetic and engaging, positively challenging everyone in the room.

Simon Bradberry
VP, EMEA, Allegis Global Solutions


“Rocki is a Rockstar! I had the pleasure of moderating a panel and Rocki was one of our featured speakers. The topic was “Measure what Really Matters: A Look into the DEI Journey,” and Rocki provided so many valuable insights into what it’s really like to build and sustain a DEIB program within an organization.”

Jenna Miller
Chief Of Staff, Betterworks


There are few instructors out there that combine the mastery of subject matter and the gift of presence that pulls the audience in for the ride. Rocki is one of them. Her passion for DEIB and her ability to bring depth and nuance to her presentations creates a space where attendees are deeply engaged, challenged, and moved. She’s the real deal.

Lars Schmidt
Founder, Amplify Talent


“Rocki Howard is undeniably a leading expert in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her ability to articulate complex issues and provide practical solutions is nothing short of remarkable. She has a unique talent for making this critical subject matter accessible and engaging to a wide audience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rocki Howard to any organization seeking a DEI&B expert who can inspire, educate, and drive meaningful change.”

Jason Guggisberg
VP, DZConneX


The Founder’s Street Cred


Hi, I am Rocki Howard the founder of Diversiology.IO and host of the Voices of Diversity and the Grown Woman Life podcasts. I am a tenured diversity and talent acquisition executive strategist with Lean, Project Management, and HR certifications.

I was recognized a 2022 and 2023 SIA Diversity Influencer. I am an advisory board member for WedgeHR and Informed Decisions, member of the Forbes HR Council, and have been honored to be featured in talent outlets such as HR Executive and ERE. I have been featured on ABC News, on multiple podcasts and have been a featured speaker, panelist, and influencer on the topic of DEIB, including events such as SIA’s Executive Forum and CWS, SourceCon, HR Tech, TA Week, and Hacking HR.

I am a proud over 40, black, Christian wife and mom who prioritizes being a voice for diversity and helping small to midsize business leaders to create high-performing, engaged and inclusive work cultures.

I believe we change the world, one story, one conversation, one action at a time. Let’s have a conversation and see how we can partner to change the world.

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