The Diversiology Journey

My Challenges

When I first became a Chief Diversity Officer, I was filled with a sense of purpose and determination. I believed that I had the power to change the world and create a more inclusive workplace for everyone. Little did I know that this journey would be filled with challenges and obstacles that would test my resilience and push me to learn and grow in ways I never anticipated.


One of the biggest hurdles I faced was the realization that I had made some flawed assumptions about the resources I would have access to. I quickly discovered that the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is complex and ever-evolving. There was so much I didn’t know, and the pace at which I needed to continuously learn information was overwhelming.


As I embarked on this journey, I found myself struggling to build training programs at scale for our organization. How could I effectively support and engage Diversity Councils and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)? How could I quickly assess the current state of our culture and identify areas for improvement? These questions weighed heavily on my mind, and finding the right answers seemed like an insurmountable task.


Adding to my frustration was the difficulty in finding external resources that were tailored for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) like ours. Many DEI consultants’ ideas were often geared towards larger enterprises and didn’t easily translate to the unique challenges faced by SMBs. This left me feeling lost and unsure of how to navigate the DEI landscape effectively.


Another significant challenge I encountered was finding sufficient time for our team to engage in training. We recognized the importance of training sessions to ensure consistency and authenticity in our DEI efforts. However, given the multitude of responsibilities and competing priorities that our team members faced on a daily basis, finding dedicated time for training became an ongoing struggle. It became evident that the demands of our day-to-day operations often took precedence, leaving little room for comprehensive training on diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Moreover, I realized that for my team to truly understand the value of diversity, they needed exposure to diverse voices and perspectives. But how could I provide them with these opportunities when my own plate was already overflowing? It became clear that I couldn’t do it alone. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that I wasn’t alone in this struggle. According to SmartRecruiters, 68% of DEI leaders and advocates face limited support due to a lack of resources.


These challenges frustrated me because I understood the significant impact that a diverse and inclusive workplace could have. More importantly I understood the emotional tax that underrepresented employee faces when psychological safety was missing.


Research consistently showed that customers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by an organization’s support of equality, with 50% of customers considering this factor (Deloitte). Additionally, employees who feel supported in diversity and inclusion report an increase in their ability to innovate by up to 83% (Deloitte). Furthermore, companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially by as much as 35% (McKinsey and Company).

The Solution

It was this frustration coupled with a burning desire to create positive change that led me to create Diversiology.IO.


Mission: Our mission is deeply personal to me. We aim to make the world of work more engaged and inclusive, one small and midsize business (SMB) at a time. We believe that every organization, regardless of its size, can create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.


Vision: Our vision is to increase access to DEI resources tenfold in an affordable way, empowering leaders in small and midsize businesses to foster high-performing, engaged, diverse, and inclusive cultures. We envision a future where all organizations recognize the inherent value of diversity and actively work towards creating equal opportunities for all employees.


At Diversiology.IO, we understand firsthand the challenges faced by SMBs when it comes to implementing effective DEI practices. I am committed to providing resources that fit the unique needs of small and midsize businesses. Our goal is to empower leaders like to navigate the complexities of DEI with confidence and create sustainable change within your organizations. Because I believe we change the world, one story, one conversation and one action at a time.

Every aspect of Diversiology.IO is crafted from my personal experience and designed to reflect the tools I wished I had during my tenure as a Chief Diversity Officer. Whether you’re battling time or budget constraints, longing for a supportive community that offers expert guidance in driving DEI initiatives, or looking for practical ways to enhance your engagement and inclusivity aptitude, feel free to contact me.